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This piece is an 8 x 10. It Represents Children's Day where the Koinobori- carp streamers are flown to celebrate Tango no sekku , once called Boy's Day now called Children's day. It is the Japanese version of Double Fifth and is celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th moon in the lunar calendar. The number and meaning of the carp socks  represented the following ; a black koinobori represents the father, the red smaller one represented the eldest son. If more boys were in the household then a blue, green and then purple or orange koinobori were added. 

Once the holiday was converted to the present day Children's Day- the flags represent; Black for the father, red for the mother, and the other carp/koinobori represent the children in the family.

Other sizes are available upon request.


River Dance Over the Higa River

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